Ericeira’s magnificent seven


“Ericeira Reserva Mundial de Surf”‘s photographic exhibition draw to a close last weekend after a couple of weeks displaying in Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay, center of Ericeira.

The event held in partnership with Ericeira and Mafra’s city halls and JC Decaux kickstarted AZUL’s first anniversary festivities with a tribute to Ericeira’s seven aquatic wonders included in the World Surfing Reserve area.

For such initiative, four photographers were invited to share with Ericeira’s people and visitors their best stills portraying these waves. One of these photographers was José Guerra, whom framed São Lourenço (photo 1) and Ribeira d’Ilhas (photo 5) through a wide landscape.

André Carvalho shot the powerful images of sister waves Coxos (photo 2) and Crazy Left (photo 3) . These waves are actually one next to each other, although one serves to the right and the other one to the left, but they both offer several unique angles for shooting.

Ricardo Bravo, one of the most prestigious surfing photographers in Portugal, captured the unmeasurable strength of Cave (photo 4) and the perfectness of Reef (photo 6). The photos feature two of the best Portuguese bodyboarders – João André and Nuno Cardoso, respectively – in two waves naturally born for boogie.

Finally, Luís Bento portrayed Pedra Branca’s peerless left on a classic day (photo 7). The story has it that several of the best Portuguese surfers – Nic Von Rupp, João Guedes, Gony Zubizarreta, José Gregório – were in the water that day, but it was the best Portuguese bodyboarder of all times, Manuel Centeno, who took the best out of Ericeira’s most incredible left.

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