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Even though times are atypical and it is necessary to respect the rules of the Directorate-General of Health both in closed spaces and in the streets and public places, Mafra and Ericeira have many good things to offer, which can provide moments that help to overcome this time in a happier way.

One of the most important palaces in the country, incredible beaches and gastronomy from another world… All in one municipality!

discovering a West made of history and sea

Under the title “10 places you have to visit in Mafra and Ericeira”, Lisboa Secreta website featured, in the form of a guide, ten spots that we cannot miss between these two places.

From the Mafra Palace, dating from the reign of King John V in the 18th century, to the Tapada Nacional (which is the largest walled natural area in the country, with about 819 hectares), this mini-tour guide reveals to us what these two villas have to offer.

Jardim do Cerco, with a typically Baroque layout and inspired by Versailles, delights visitors who are passionate by green areas. For those who prefer the sea, there is an 11-kilometer coast (along 13 beaches) that is very inviting to water sports, comprising Ericeira World Surfing Reserve since 2011.

Also recommended is the tranquility of typical villages with white houses and blue stripes, windmills and workshops.

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