Video of the Week #64


Photography: DR

Translator: Full Circle


Most of the official video for Insch’s WYCMN was shot in the mythical Cine Estúdio Ericeira, closed for too many years and where hundreds of movies were shown and epic sessions were lived.

“WYCMN” (“Whenever You Call My Name”) is one of the ten tracks of “Safe Haven”, the band’s debut album, released last Friday, May 13.

The videoclip, directed by Filipe Correia dos Santos and produced by Rodrigo Santos and Nuno Chanoca, starts in silence, the first sounds being heard inside Cine Studio Ericeira, with Insch’s muscular rock.

Skaters wind through the abandoned space under a soundtrack composed by intense but catchy riffs, from the power trio (Manel Gomes on bass, Miguel Rodrigues on drums and James Duarte, guitar and voice) that plays in one of the theatre’s row, missing not only several chairs but also someone willing to return it to the seventh art.

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