Skeleton Sea work on display at the Lisbon Oceanarium


Photography: RR


A 50-meter-long Sea Monster was set at the Oceanário de Lisboa (Lisbon Oceanarium), resulting from the collection of 12 tons of disposable plastic bottles from Eco-Schools and Pingo Doce supermarkets.

Oceanário supported the Purify by ECO initiative to build the collaborative artwork of the #Purify movement (“art can change minds”) with Skeleton Sea, a green art project created by a group of three surfers who wants to spread an awareness message about the oceans.

warning of the environmental problem caused by the excessive use of disposable plastic

It was the Purify Eco company that collected the three hundred thousand plastic bottles that served as raw material for the construction of this monster, in an initiative that aims to create a new way of consuming water, more responsible and conscious.

This work, which marks the first action of the movement #Purify by ECO – Filtered Water, aims precisely to alert to the pollution of the seas and encourage sustainable consumption habits.

When Purify invited Skeleton Sea to be part of this project, a long snake immediately came to mind to Xandi Kreuzeder (one of the creators), “because it is a monster that should frighten us and make us think about our habits so that we can change something”.

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