Work: Pedro Ramos


Rua do Norte’s Fountain is portrayed here in a watercolor on paper by Pedro Ramos, who was recently part of the exhibition “In Loco”, on display at Taberna La Popular within the scope of PopulArte, a project coordinated by Eunice Mestre and promoted by César Salgado.

Pedro Ramos’ works are dispersed between the symbolism of capturing the image and the memories that fade into a mix of indefinite images, subjugated to automatic capture as a substitute for experience.

the images as a testimony of the presence of the individual in a certain place

According to its author, “the constant increase in dependence on technologies has been reflected, in an overwhelming way, in all our daily behaviors, namely with regard to the capacity for contemplation and reflection. This evaluation mechanism should be one of the daily foods of our mind, but it also begins to be replaced by electronic and automatic captures, oblivious to a deeper sensitivity even when we are faced with an unprecedented and new scenario. The subject superimposes the mediatization of images on the quality of their contemplation, making them a testimony of their presence in a certain place, to the detriment of the felt and emotional memory.”

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