Photoraphy: AZUL


“A place with chained guard dogs, lots of bricks, tiles and marble blocks. The avenue of eucalyptus trees planted by Vic and Paula no longer exists and the grass was reduced to dust with the constant passage of heavy trucks. The residence, well preserved in its delicate appearance, with tile panels and architectural details reminiscent of Macau at the end of the Empire.” – John McEwen described in 2008 the state of the once beautiful Quinta Figueiroa Rego in the book” Behind the Scenes”, dedicated to Paula Rego.

(This would be the ideal space to perpetuate the life and work of Paula Rego, who lived here for several years, spending happy moments among family and friends and painting works that mean a unique path in the artistic world – in a perfect world, here would stand a museum and a garden dedicated to the greatest Portuguese painter alive).

Almost a decade later, the scenario didn’t change substantially: although there are no heavy trucks on sight, chained dogs, lots of bricks or blocks of marble… a Continente Bom Dia supermarket, opened at the end of 2016, blocks the residence’s panoramic view, now turned into a hostel, remaining an oasis in this desert of cultural (and strategic) vision and urban planning.

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