Ericeira featured in Polish magazine




Earlier this year Ericeira was featured in the Polish digital magazine Skubday.

This online magazine is focused on a set of themes, from snowboard to the environment, yoga … and surf, which is the central topic of an article where references are also made to other reasons for the urchins village attraction.

It was in February 2020 that Sylwia Petrykowska published “Ericeira – In Search of the Perfect Wave” on this website, and the article starts exactly with a question for those who like to surf: “What is the perfect place to find ideal waves for surfing?”

I’m sure that everyone who likes surfing will love Ericeira

From here, in response, the author sets out to discover Ericeira as a World Surfing Reserve (unique in Europe) and a village intrinsically linked to Surf and where professional surfers, hippies, tourists and other visitors feel at home.

Sylwia is not unaware, however, that surfing is a relatively recent phenomenon, noting that “Ericeira, like neighboring Peniche, has historically grown from its fishing roots to a surfing paradise” where about along 8 km of coastline there are waves with very different degrees of difficulty, with Coxos standing out as one of the best surf spots in the world.

In addition to the waves, here we also find mention of other infrastructures and businesses related to this activity.

The Interpretation Center of the World Surfing Reserve, with emphasis on the interactive table, could not be forgotten, much like the schools, shops, outlets, restaurants – there are some references to the Portuguese cuisine, with emphasis on the grillled sardines – and bars linked to the surfing world.

In one of the conclusions of the article, Sylwia Petrykowska writes that “not everyone likes to surf or Portugal. However, i am sure that everyone who likes surfing will love Ericeira. Even when the ocean wind blows so hard it gives the impression that the window panes are going to break.”

You can read the original article (written in Polish) here.

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