Luís Rodrigues captured this moment in the beginning of Autumn when there were waves galore in Ericeira.

At the port

Márcio Barreira’s first look over the daily life of Ericeira’s fishermen.

JJF #1

Recalling the passage of John John Florence (who defends the leadership of WSL’s Championship Tour in Portugal) by the Cave.


The waves season officially started this month and Luís Rodrigues shot it surefire.

Shiny sunset

Cheers to this memories’ album of Sunset Party by AZUL – Ericeira Mag.

Between Tides

Ericeira’s fishermen way of life has its most iconic dimension during the fishery, but does not disappear on land, between tides.


The alcatruzes, used as traps for catching octopus, form authentic mosaics to the eyes.