Understage Fest will rock Achada


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On Saturday, April 23, the Achada Festival venue will host the Understage Fest, an initiative by Under Stage Studio with the support of Achada’s Sports and Recreation Association (Associação Desportiva e Recreativa da Achada).

More than a festival, this event aims to share art and music, with a variety of local artists as protagonists.

Melodraw, Beatriz & Miguel, Electric Feel, Kadeirado, Tones of Rock and Project Freeman

At the festival venue, there will be a space for tattoos (with Wild Hat – Art Studio), merchandising sales, as well as food and drinks, creating the conditions for a fun night, with music and friends. The event will be held in the interior of the venue – where the respective restaurant is usually located -, which will present a creative decoration.

The live music will be in charge of names such as Melodraw (Alternative Rock), Beatriz & Miguel (Pop Rock/Portuguese Music), Electric Feel (Pop Rock), Kadeirado (Hip Hop/Comedy), Tones of Rock (Glam Rock) and Project Freeman (Indie Rock/Singer-Songwriter), but many surprises and special guests are also expected!

After the concerts, there will also be DJ Sets by Charles António, Thunder Félix, Miguel Simões and Marco Armés.

The entry is free and doors will open at 6 pm, with the bands’ live performances starting at 8 pm, so it will be possible to hear the first chords in the company of a pork sadwich and a beer.

Get to know a little about who will step on the Understage Fest stage:


After the pandemic forced everything into a halt, Melodraw took the chance to enter a new chapter of their history. The decision to refine their creative processes and improve their way of making new songs joined forces with their new melodies to deliver a fresh sound and energy, giving the band a “new life”. The composition of new tracks allowed them to improve their way of working, which reflects in their reinvigorated live performances. The new songs will be released during 2022 as singles, and performed live along earlier songs, in a perfect symbiosis between primal rock music and good vibes.


Kadeirado blends comedy, tragedy and hip-hop in a smorgasbord of self- improvement. He’ll pour his heart and soul in Achada, in the hope that the promoters give him barbecue chicken for dinner.


Tones of Rock are a Portuguese Glam Metal & Hard Rock band formed in 2009 in Mafra. They presently comprise Francis Venus (vocals), Danny Shred (guitar), Rick Madison (bass) and Dylan Krash (drums). Known as one of the bands representing the New Wave of Glam Metal in Portugal, Tones of Rock quickly garnered the attention of the audience with their extravagance, sensuality and fierce performance on stage.


The project Beatriz & Miguel, focused on Portuguese music, would have never come about if not for the pandemic. Unable to play live music and with a greater number of people, the former duo decided to record some songs on the balcony and share them in the social media. Since then, the project took on other proportions and new members, allowing also for the emergence of their first original songs faithful to their influences.


Electric Feel want to bring joy and make people have fun wherever they go. Composed of five members, the band promises a concert full of contemporary music and great classics that will make everybody sing.


Project Freeman is the work of Litmus A Freeman, known to most people in the region simply as “Freeman”. Freeman started to “wake up” in the early 90s while working in the energy industry, eventually resigning in 2004, creating Project Freeman in 2008 and hitting the road in 2010 in his campervan, taking music to many places in Europe. west for the next decade. Project Freeman explores what it calls “The Homecoming”, the path taken between being a slave to the system and becoming one with your true spiritual self. He composed many songs about this journey, which became the “Music of Project Freeman”, and through which he shares his experiences of liberation of Body, Mind and Spirit.”

Halfway between Ericeira and Mafra, Achada has already accustomed us to events full of charisma and excellent music, so expectations for the Understage Fest are high.

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