This is Ericeira #3


Photography: Nelson Jacinto


As part of the “This is Ericeira” series, produced by Zucalli Media for the Portuguese Surf Film Festival in 2020, today we turn our attention to art.

It does not come as a surprise that Ericeira has served as an artistic inspiration throughout the ages – the life and work of Paula Rego, the greatest Portuguese painter alive, is here to prove it as an excellent example. And since its consecration, in 2011, Ericeira’s World Surfing Reserve has also served as a muse for several creators.

In this video, the relation is approached through the perspectives of Paulo Reis (designer and creator of Uni Ouriço) and José Cardoso Queiroz, the author of the sculpture “O Guardião” (The Guardian), which can be found in Ribeira d’Ilhas’ viewpoint.

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