Forte da Natividade will become a multifunctional space


Photography: AZUL


Areas for exhibitions, leisure and restaurants: the multifunctional character of Ericeira’s Fort (or Nossa Senhora da Natividade) and Casa do Governador should be like that in the future.

The historic building (built in 1706, during the reign of D. Pedro II, for the defense of the fishing port and Praia dos Pescadores) that welcomed, over several years, the garrison of the Fiscal Guard (at first) and then, until the end of 2017, Ericeira’s Territorial Station of Guarda Nacional Republicana (GNR), is now turning into a rehabilitation project by the Municipality of Mafra.

This Fort is in a privileged location, at Largo Domingues Fernandes, overlooking Praia dos Pescadores, forming the framework that derives from its geographical location, posing as an authentic Ericeira “postcard”.

The Ministry of Internal Administration, which oversees this property, assigned it to the Municipality of Mafra for a period of 50 years (starting from December 27, 2017), renewable for subsequent periods of 25 years, unless this transfer comes to be denounced in the meantime by any of the parties involved in the process.

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