The Portuguese Surf Film Festival program


Photography: RR


The first digital edition of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival, which will take place between the 29th of July and the 2nd of August, will begin tomorrow, and registration on the streaming platform is available on the festival website, as well as the tickets. for the free drive-in.

This year there will be a streaming of the official film selection, free of charge and restricted to the program schedule, accessible through the festival platform, which requires prior registration.

This year 17 films compete for the seven categories

To attend the drive-in session on the 1st of August, PSFF opted to create a ticket system. Admission is free, but limited to a small number of cars. For this reason, tickets will be available in part. The first 25 tickets (corresponding to 25 cars and up to 4 occupants per car) are already available on the website and these are mandatory to allow parking at Ericeira Camping where the event will take place. This will be the first round of ticket availability and there will be another one, with no date yet announced.

The event this year had to reinvent itself – due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus –, maintaining the commitment to bring together the best of international surf cinema to which we have grown accostumed to since the beginning – this will be the 9th edition.

This year the program includes 17 films that compete for the categories Film of the Year, Best Short, Best Sustainability, Women in Surf Films, Impactful Story, Best Soundtrack and Audience Award. PSFF presents one session per night, always starting at 9 pm, and one session at drive-in, on 1 August at 10 pm.

On the festival website you can find detailed information about each of the films on the agenda.

One of the highlights goes to the documentary on the life of Gabriel Medina, which will also be the film to be presented in the Drive-in session. An emotional account of the professional growth and rise of the Brazilian athlete, which is also a personal story of perseverance and love for the family.

Another highlight is the usual night of production and stories dedicated to women: Women in Surf Films will take place on the second day of the festival. This session begins with a fascinating short called “The Armstrongs”, about a very unusual South African family, a couple in their forties and their 8 children, who live totally around the surf, with a love and a genuine connection to nature and above financial gain or social status. let’s hit the road!

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