Photography: Sérgio Pedro Tiago


Although not all of them have drinking water, the fountains we find throughout Ericeira give it freshness and – even more – charm.

From North to South, either by the beach or in the centre of the village, there is such a profusion of these springs or water pipes (some flowing uninterruptedly, others where it is necessary to use a tap) that we will limit ourselves to referring to the book “As Águas, os Rios e as Fontes da Ericeira” (Waters, Rivers and Fountains of Ericeira), by Leandro Miguel dos Santos.

Fonte dos Golfinhos (Dolphins’ Fountain), photographed here by Sérgio Pedro Tiago, is close to the Municipal Market and it is maybe one of the most beautiful among the ornate ones, along with others that make simplicity its greatest asset.

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