Ericeira featured in “Reviva o Verão”


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It was recently, during the traditional annual festivities in honor of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem, that Ericeira was featured in “Reviva o Verão”, broadcasted on TVI’s nightly news.

This TV channel visited “the coast of the country in search of treasures buried in the sand of memory” and resorted to some “old timers (such as fisherman “Xico Porras”) to recall the past of this town.

Ericeira, onde o mar é mais azul / Nas belas praias do Sul

“Ericeira, Onde o Mar é Mais Azul / Nas belas praias do sul / De doirada e fresca areia / Ericeira, és tão bela e tão formosa”, sing those from the past around a table overlooking the fishing port where some of them spent part of their lives. It is to the sound of the iconic “hymn” sung by Gabriel Cardoso that another piece reveals “decades of customs that are sometimes unexpected, embarrassing or even funny, which are still in the memory of many Portuguese”.

The past of the fishing village was remembered throughout this piece with great nostalgia. “Mass tourism silenced the old world of fishing”, says Victor Moura-Pinto, while locals remember the fishing port of other times, then without sand.

mass tourism silenced the old world of fishing

Every Summer, the blue village “would receive important people, in August from the city and, in September, from the countryside”, says one of them.

Images of the presenter Bárbara Guimarães in a television report dated 1996, about the festivities in honor of the Patron Saint of the Jagoz fishermen, also make up this piece and the differences from old times to the present days are very evident: “long are the times when beach in the West meant bulls in the water”.

Among excerpts from some TV series and television ads that are part of this collective memory, the old fishermen’s clothes are also remembered by the “people of the land”.

You can watch this TVI piece in full here.

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