Ericeira and Pedro Mestre represented in “Salitre”


Photography: Pedro Mestre


This publication, which starts to be distributed in September, consists of a design and photography piece that compiles photographs taken on the beaches of Portugal between January 2020 and April 2021, that is, covering a big part of the pandemic period.

Being Ericeira a World Surfing Reserve, images by local photographer Pedro Mestre portraying several world-class waves are featured in “Salitre”.

The photos, revealed by the collective, – which is based on talent and geographical dispersion – are distributed across five different portfolios.

Each photographer is located in an area of ​​the country (in order to cover the largest possible area and to diversify as much as possible the type of photography) and has their portfolio divided into the book, making their own selection, without any concern for their photos to be consistent with those of other photographers.

Salitre aims to portray surfing in Portugal in the last year and a half of the pandemic

Portugal has waves and talents of enormous quality all along the coast and the desire to decentralize and have photographers in strategic places in our country made photographer André Carvalho – author of the idea that gave rise to “Salitre” – call Pedro Mestre to show the best of the second World Surfing Reserve in the world and the only one in Europe.

For the Ericeira’s photographer, “it is a pleasure to present this project conceived together with four other photographers (André Carvalho, João Bracourt, Hélio Antônio and Tomané) with great connection to the sea. Salitre is a book that aims to portray, with images, surfing in Portugal in the last year and a half of the pandemic”.

“So far the feedback has been so positive that we already aim to turn this project into a yearbook”, reveals Pedro Mestre, who thanks “all that made this possible, especially those here in Ericeira: Despomar, Oslo and Municipality of Mafra”.

The book will soon be distributed in spaces such as Fnac, MEO’s online store, and in Ericeira, Oslo and 58 Surf.

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