Artisan Fishermen of Ericeira: António Franco Alberto


Text: Filipa Teles Carvalho | Photography: Sérgio Oliveira


«There are men who walk in the sea as if walking on the street» – Carlos Drummond de Andrade


His “fisherman’s hut” is, seen from the inside, a frame for the sea. The boat (Toni Fernando) was received from his father, Master (Francisco Alberto) who was in Creoula, “codfishing”. He calls him a hero and expresses devoted gratitude for values ​​such as honesty and humility – which he conveyed to him. They are together every day. In addition to the nickname (Porras), he took the helm and the fishing life that he also inherited from several generations. António Franco Alberto accepted them with seriousness and commitment. He never lacks faith, haste, a good word, a pure smile or a beautiful gesture. He is a proud father and husband and likes a good conversation. He became the youngest master in the country – interviewed as such for a television program dedicated to fishing. He likes to offer shells to children.

I always have God with me

Maritime Identity

António Francisco da Luz Franco Alberto, also known as ‘Porras’ or ‘António Porras’

Born on November 28, 1968, in Lisbon, São José, Santa Bárbara, Pena.

“In the sea” since: Since I was little I come here, from my mother’s woumb. At the time of the festivities, the boats here always went to Assenta, to the São João’s festivities. My mother was pregnant and I was going with her. But since I was a child I remember, when I was five, six years old, that I would come to bring coffee (to the port) to my father and then would go to school. I’ve been here since I was 12 years old. I was young, at 12 and at 14, I already had a license and was already out to sea.

Name of his boat: Toni Fernando – the best in the world! [laughs]. There may be better and bigger ones, but this is what takes me and brings me every day with God.

Role he performs: Master.

Fishing is: For me it is everything. And that’s what I like to do, it gives me enthusiasm – when the weather is good, I don’t mind going to the sea every day and work – even though we know that we only earn depending on what we catch… But fishing it’s really the tradition here in our village… it’s fishing – it’s nothing else.

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