World Surf League “Countdown” event between Peniche, Ericeira and Nazaré


Photography: WSL / Poullenot / Aquashot


This statement was made by Francisco Spínola, responsible for WSL for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

With the 2020 editions of the world surfing circuits recently canceled, due to the pandemic caused by the new Coronavirus, and the World Surf League having already released the calendar for 2021 – which includes the Peniche stage, in February –, the possibility of Ericeira receiving a special event later this year remains open.

Remember that the EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira, on the Challenger Series stage of the world surf qualification circuit, was scheduled to take place on the 22nd to 27th of September at Ribeira d’Ilhas beach.

there are some relatively safe information among all this blurring

Countdowns are designed as regional pre-season screening events. Regarding one of these runs, without an audience, that will take place in September in Portugal, Francisco Spínola told that the respective venue is yet to be defined, being subsequently chosen “according to the conditions, being certain that the ‘Golden Triangle ‘(Peniche, Ericeira and Nazaré) has the privileged places” for this sporting event, and the names of the surfers present cannot be mentioned at this time due to the current travel restrictions that occur around the world.

Despite the cancellation of the circuits and the simultaneous alteration in the WSL calendar patterns, there are already some reliable information (if this can be guaranteed, in the current pandemic context, given the fear of subsequent waves of Covid-19 outbreaks…) in through all this blurring.

WSL expects to anticipate the start of next year’s circuits, still in 2020, in Hawaii, with a women’s stage in November in Maui and a men’s stage in Oahu, both of which are still subject to approval by local officials.

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