The old “Pensão Central”


Text: Teresa Micael | Photography: DR


The building with the current number 6 of Rua 5 de Outubro, in Ericeira, was built in 1887, being owned by the same family since October 17, 1926.

In the 30s and 40s of the last century, “Pensão Central” was established there. Its good reputation, hygiene and good food attracted many and notable guests: aristocratic families with big names or elements of the wealthy bourgeoisie, journalists, famous lawyers, politicians and some government ministers of the time.

Pensão Central closed its activity in the mid-1950s

Interestingly, Pensão Central also served as a training place for the players of the then mythical Associação Académica de Coimbra’s football teams, when this squad traveled to attend games near Lisbon.

In addition, Pensão Central’s dining room (which, in those days, showed on its facade a wooden sign with the inscription “Pensão Restaurante Central”) was regularly frequented by emblematic figures of Ericeira, such as Manuel Ortigão Burnay, son of the doctor and politician, Dr. Eduardo Burnay, and nephew of the famous writer Ramalho Ortigão. In their meals, Manuel Burnay and his wife Helena would not spare the “homemade chicken soup” – to which they always demandedt a few drops of lemon juice to be added…

Pensão Central ended its activity in the mid-1950s, returning the building to its origins as a family home and, more recently, as a holiday home for its owners.

Editor's note: Teresa Micael is the current owner of the property where the Pensão Central once operated.

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