Skimboard world champion is passing through Ericeira


Photography: @wallsimagens


Lucas Fink, skimboarding world champion in 2019, caught some Christmas waves by Ericeira.

The young Brazilian has already enjoyed waves at Praia do Algodio (also known as Praia do Norte) and at Coxos.

Lucas Fink has starred in some unusual sessions

To SurfTotal, the 21-year-old told the following: “Yesterday [Editor’s Note: Friday, December 25th] I went to Ericeira for my 1st time for a morning skim at Algodio. My friends and local guides then took me to Coxos to discover one of the most famous places in Portuguese surfing and even worldwide. ”

In the famous waves that roll in this bay, skimming is not a possible sport to practice in the usual molds (because at the seaside there is no sand to access the breakers, but only rocks…), so Lucas Fink caught waves paddling, as you can testify in the video we share below.

In his official Facebook profile, Lucas shared this same video along with the following text: “Coxos beach is known as one of the best waves in Portugal 🇵🇹🔥 and even in the world 🌍 Yesterday I had to visit the peak and when I arrived I came across: perfect little waves, light terrace wind, no one in the water and a sunny day. That is, a true example of the mystical combination 🍇🍯 I wasted no time and went straight to the water with my #skimboard to surf yet another unprecedented wave ✨🙏🏼 ”

In early December, the skimboarder had another unusual session in Portugal, more precisely in Lisbon: nothing more, nothing less than in front of Torre de Belém.

You can read the SurfTotal article here.

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