Praia dos Pescadores featured by Evasões magazine


Photography: João Silva


Recently Evasões magazine – the travel, hotels, gastronomy and wines, tourism, trends, consumption and products, culture and television guide that belongs to Jornal de Notícias – published an article about Praia dos Pescadores, in Ericeira, which will forever be an emblematic place in Portuguese history.

“Next to the center of the fishing village, Praia dos Pescadores brings together the port area, kiosk, ecopoints and poems by Fernando Pessoa. History was also made in this area of ​​Ericeira: it was from here that the last Portuguese king went into exile”, you can read in the article’s lead.

D. Manuel II’s flight into exile, from Praia dos Pescadores, became a historic landmark of the village and the sand

Legend has it that, a few hours after the proclamation of the Republic, in the middle of Lisbon City Hall, D. Manuel II, on October 5, 1910, fled into exile, accompanied by his mother, Queen D. Amélia and his grandmother Queen D. Maria Pia, from Praia dos Pescadores, aboard her boat D. Amélia. This historic episode has become a landmark in the village. “To enliven the memory, the moment is explained on a plaque on the façade of the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Boa Viagem, almost sticked to the beach, with an exemplary viewpoint over it”.

With a central and privileged location next to the fishing village, Praia dos Pescadores, with dozens of small fishing boats that come together in the port, is quite sheltered from the wind, an important factor when talking about this western area. Another of its advantages is its easy accessibility, with ramps in and out of the sand at both ends. Spots such as straw hats, sun loungers, recycling bin, toilets, a kiosk with food and drinks and pieces from poems by Fernando Pessoa at the entrance to the sand make this one of the preferred beaches for locals and visitors to the village.

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