Mafra featured in the Cyclin’ Portugal yearbook


Photography: RR


With the arrival of Spring and the country progressively managing itself out of the lockdown, the Portuguese Cycling Federation (FPC) has just launched a tool that promotes bicycle tourism, publicizing the existing Cyclin’ Portugal Centers in our country and several suggestions for cycling infrastructure, landscapes and gastronomy.

The Cyclin ‘Portugal yearbook, which appears within the scoop of the second edition of the Cyclin’Portugal Forum, that has recently taken place, consists of a publication with 104 pages that is already available, in digital format, at and At a later stage, also scheduled for this spring, a free physical edition will be available.

get to know in detail the routes that can be taken by bicycle in the Municipality of Mafra

The Municipality of Mafra has a unique potential for the practice of this sport in contact with nature, such as valleys along rivers, vast wooded areas, beaches and agricultural land – this, and much more, is featured in Cyclin ‘Portugal, under the motto “Mafra – down the road, between land and sea”.

The cultural and touristic diversified heritage, combined with the many points of religious, historical and gastronomic interests, led to the featuring of the municipality in this guide, which values ​​the practice of road cycling and promotes sports and tourism in the territory.

In this yearbook, the reader can get to know in more detail the eight routes that can be taken by bicycle in the municipality of Mafra, as well as its four levels of difficulty.

You can read the yearbook online or download it in pdf.

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