Lonely Planet recommends visiting Portugal in 2014

Ericeira. - ph. António Guerreiro


Photo: António Guerreiro


The british travel guide publisher Lonely Planet elected Portugal as one of the top destinations for 2014. The choice was based on the quality/price criterion, in a study made by the british post office which, on an yearly basis, examines the holiday and travel prices in several latitudes.

In favor of this decision, the publication mentioned Algarve – “which in the peak of Summer may not be of everyone’s preference”, but is considerably cheaper than other european destinations; the city of Lisbon – “which has wonderful coffee and inexpensive pastry” – and the surfing – “Portugal is also, for the european, a magnificent place to surf”.

Ericeira is on the front row of the surfers’ preffered destinations. Europe’s only World Surfing Reserve welcomes thousands of european tourists who come looking for a large variety of waves in its coast. This was the case of the Austrain Surfing Federation which, confronted with the lack of sea in its territory, chose Ericeira as the place for its national surfing championship for the second consecutive year.

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