February is a month of “Raízes”


Photography: RR


The fourth edition of the Portuguese Traditional Music cycle “Raízes” takes place over the next few weeks, this time in a streaming format, taking into account the current pandemic context.

Altogether, there are three live concerts, the first one having already been streamed on February 6. The last two shows will be broadcast on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Mafra until the 27th of February.

With shows scheduled for 9:30 pm, this cycle is an invitation to contemplate the timeless landscapes of Portuguese music, providing the meeting between traditional instruments and formats and new approaches to an ever-discovering heritage.

The opening concert, streamed on Feb. 6 starred Filipa Pais, who presented the show “Perfil”.

On February 13, Bela Ensemble will take the stage and the closing concert, “Viagens”, (scheduled for February 27) will be starring the musician João Afonso, nephew of Zeca Afonso.

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