Sara Garcia

Sara Garcia. - ph. Francisco Melim


Text: Hugo Rocha Pereira | Photography: Francisco Melim


Sara Garcia (24)


What do you do for a living?

I’m a nurse. Currently I am unemployed, given the current situation we face here in Portugal.


you traveled to Ghana recently. What do you do there, and what motivates you to leave your country for a few months?

This was an old dream of mine, to be able to have an attentive look at another culture, another challenges, to be able to help those who need it the most. As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it’s very important that you do it.” I know that I won’t change the world with this, but I may contribute to help it becoming a better place. I’m going as a volunteer nurse in a project called “Caring For All International” in medicine healthcare, through a NGO. I’ll be working in severly deprived rural communities and local hospitals. I also have the personal project of writing a book through this trip.


Were you born in Ericeira? What’s your relationship with the town?

I wasn’t even born yet and I was already walking by Ericeira’s streets in my mother’s womb. All the best memories I hold from my childhood and youth are from here. I got separated from here for a few years when I went to college in Lisbon, but the best part was knowing that, in a short break, I would be able to get on my car and drive here. I hope that this continues to be my home sweet home in the future.


What do you like the most in Ericeira?

I like everything…but mostly the bluest thing we have…the sea.

Sara Garcia. - ph. Francisco Melim
Sara Garcia. - ph. Francisco Melim

What are your favorite streets and places in Ericeira?

There are several. One of them is the Library in the Jaime Lobo e Silva Culture House, because of the silence of all those shelves filled with wisdom and where I spend a major part of my time. I also enjoy walking by the beaches, to have a jog in the jagoz boardwalk that goes along the shoreline. We have great restaurants: Mar d’Areia, Riviera and the Pão d’Alho pizzeria are my favourite. To go out at night, the legendary Ouriço nightclub. I can’t resist a night out there!


Do you have any favourite clothing or adornment pieces?

I’m a fanatic for watches. I might even forget everything when leaving home, but there’s always a watch in my wrist. But my number one addiction is purchasing books.


Do you have any special attentions to keep your shape?

I have several cares with my eating, and I’m also lucky that I don’t like sweets. Besides this, I’ve always practiced sports, in gymnastics and contemporary dance.


Your birthday is in the beginning of December. What’s the gift you’d like to receive?

I’d might wish for another watch to add to my collection, but it would be just another watch; I’d might wish for some more Euros in my account to spend wherever I wanted to, but then everything would be the same! I’d might wish for the sky and the world, but that would be asking too much! What I want for this birthday, that I will celebrate in Ghana, is something you can’t buy. I wish for “that” smile of mine in my face during everyday that I’m there.

Sara Garcia. - ph. Francisco Melim

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