Metallica’s bassist caught one of his best waves in Ericeira


Photography: Board Rap


Robert Trujillo, bassist for Metallica, recently stated that he caught one of the best waves ever in Ericeira, where he will have been for the last time in early May 2019, as we advanced in AZUL.

The confession came up recently, in a BLITZ article signed by journalist Lia Pereira.

In an exclusive interview with BLITZ/Expresso, regarding the launch (on August 28) of the live album “S&M2”, recorded in September 2019 in the two Metallica concerts alongside with San Francisco Symphony, the American musician also said he missed Portugal.

it was a magical moment. I remember that the sun was shining through the water, in a kind of turquoise color

Robert Trujillo also spoke to these two national issues about how he has lived the confinement dictated by the pandemic of the new Coronavirus and the strong relationship he has with Portugal – which started more than 15 years ago, when he met a Portuguese journalist who revealed to him which were the best surfing sites in our country.

Robert Trujillo, who, before joining Metallica in 2003, shone in Suicidal Tendencies, is eager to return to Portugal: “Portugal is such a special place! The people are friendly and positive and the beaches are beautiful. In fact, they remind me of the beaches in the area where I live [in California], only much cleaner, purer and more untouched.”

In his several visits to Portugal, the bassist made some friends among the surfing community. “I met some of your great surfers. My friends in Portugal are the kind of people that I may not see for five or six years, but when I arrive in Portugal and we are going out, it is as if I had seen them three days ago”, he recalled. “I’m always looking forward to going to Portugal, I miss it a lot”.

And it was in Ericeira that Trujillo, a descendant of Mexicans and American Indians, lived one of the most remarkable moments in European aquatic territory:

“One of the best waves I have ever caught, in Europe, was in Ericeira! I still think about it! It was a magical moment. I remember that the sun was shining through the water, in a kind of turquoise color, as if through a window… It looked like it was in slow motion. Everyone remembers beautiful and special things in their lives. For me, it happened in Portugal. I had a lot of good times there and I’d love to go back to spend a bit longer”.

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