Mafra National Palace to be requalified

Mafra. - ph. Pedro Ribeiro Simões


Photography: Pedro Ribeiro Simões


The Deputy Secretary of State and Cultural Heritage recently announced the Government’s investment of eight million euros in rehabilitation works for Mafra National Palace, with financing from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR). Alongside this, the public tender to install the National Music Museum in this Palace will be launched by the end of this year.

Ângela Ferreira revealed to Lusa agency that Mafra National Palace is among the 47 properties under the Ministry of Culture, including monuments and museums, which will be intervened with funds from the PRR. It was also stated that, at the Palace of Mafra, “there was a survey carried out in 2019 of works that are necessary to be carried out, such as replacement of spans, improvement of roofs, small rehabilitation works, but which, given the size of the Palace, amount to more than eight million euros”.

the investment for requalification amounts to more than eight million euros

The government official added that given the “complexity of the works and its dimension, the Palace of Mafra is one of the buildings in which [the intervention] will start later and whose works will last longer”, until 2025.

Before this year, the National Museum of Music is expected to come into operation in the National Palace of Mafra, which is currently installed at the Alto dos Moinhos Metro station, in Lisbon, with “one of the richest collections of music instruments in Europe, with a collection composed of a thousand instruments from the 16th to the 20th centuries, of erudite and popular tradition, as well as documentary collections, and phonographic and iconographic collections of the greatest importance”.

Ângela Ferreira also said, on World Music Day, that at the end of October “the deadline for the company that is preparing the execution project, and as soon as we have this project in our possession, the municipality will launch the competition” and that “ the works will be completed by the end of the first quarter of 2023”.

This will be a smaller investment than the requalification of the Palace, of around four million euros, of which three million will be supported by the state budget in the area of ​​Culture and one million by Mafra City Council.

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