Ericeira’s Santa Casa da Misericórdia highlighted by Portuguese radio TSF


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Among the valences of Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Vila da Ericeira (SCMVE) are home support, the nursing home, the day centre and assisted residences. This institution with more than three centuries of existence also helps more than one hundred families in collaboration with the Food Bank against Hunger.

In the article entitled “A lighthouse in Ericeira shining since 1678” (Um farol na Ericeira a brilhar desde 1678, original title), published on the Portuguese radio TSF website, its social support mission stands out.

Santa Casa da Ericeira has dealt with other pandemics in the past

This article by Rádio Notícias also includes a video, where the SCMVE Ombudsman speaks from the Elderly Welfare Center: João Gil recalls that this institution has had to deal with other pandemics, in addition to the current one caused by the new Coronavirus, for more than three centuries of history – it turns 342 years old in December.

This video also talks about the help that Ericeira’s Santa Casa used recently, through measures promoted by the Institute of Employment and Professional Training.

You can read the original article in full and watch the respective video here.

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