Video of the Week #333


Photography: RR


Matheus Nunes, football player at Sporting Clube de Portugal, was on Podcast ADN de Leão (Lion’s DNA) – the official podcast of the club –, talking to humorist Guilherme Geirinhas, providing laughful moments and life stories of his promising football career.

The 22-year-old Luso-Brazilian, who shared his life between both countries, has lived in Portugal since he was 14, more precisely in Ericeira, where he continues to reside today. In the Summer, he usually goes surfing with his brother.

Matheus Nunes began his competitive career at Grupo Desportivo União Ericeirense, in the fourth national division, working at the same time at the well-known pastry shop Pão da Vila. In 2018 he was signed by Estoril, where he played for six months, until signing for the club he currently represents and for which was crowned National Champion last season.

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