The return of Sumol Summer Fest (Photogallery)


Photography: Whitewater Ericeira


Two years later, the long-awaited return of Sumol Summer Fest to Ericeira… And with the music festival, the conviviality, concerts, songs, dances, applauses, smiles stamped on people’s faces and much more has also returned.

There were two intense journeys in the car park of Ericeira Camping and surroundings, where the stages of the 12th (and largest) edition of the SSF were set, which had been postponed twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this photogallery you can find some remarkable moments lived by the artists and the public, whose exchange of energy makes live music one of the most vibrant shows in the world.



Rita Tavares: #1-10

Rodrigo Williams: #11

Whitewater Ericeira: #12

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