Photographic exhibition commemorates 30 years of Ericeira Surf Clube

Miguel Barata de Almeida. - ph. DR


Photography: RR


Ericeira Surf Clube (ESC) recently launched a photographic exhibition, on Rua Dr. Eduardo Burnay, commemorating its 30 years of existence. This exhibition serves as a tribute to the three-decade journey of the club and its impact on the local community and also in the world of surfing.

All interested have now the opportunity to delve into the history, culture, and achievements of ESC through an incredible collection of photographs capturing significant moments.

ESC established the first Ericeira Surf  School back in 1995

The official opening, on the 2nd of November, was attended by club members, local personalities, surfing enthusiasts and the general community – it will go on over the next few weeks.

Ericeira Surf Clube was founded in 1993 with the aim of promoting surfing and bodyboarding in the region, creating the first Ericeira surf school in 1995 and diversifying its activities over the years to include other sports.

Ericeira Surf Clube Taça Portugal Surfing 2017 – ph. ESC / Pedro Broeiro

The club organizes annual intra-club surfing and bodyboarding competitions, several stages of regional and national Bodyboard, Surf, Longboard, SUP Wave and Skimboard circuits in open and ‘esperanças’ (next generation promises) categories, as well as the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Portugal Surfing Cup, where it was crowned Absoluto (Absolute) champion in Surf, also  winning various individual titles. Among its members are some of the best national surfers, bodyboarders, longboarders and skimmers.

It was also the promoter of the European Erasmus+ project “Ericeira WSR+10” and a partner in the Erasmus+ Best Waters project, as well as the Surfing4Inclusion and Surfing4Family projects.

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