Ericeira WSR+10 featured in Jornal de Negócios


Photography: Sérgio Oliveira


On May 20, the European Maritime Day was celebrated and, in this context, Jornal de Negócios published an online article on the importance of tourism and the Projecto Economia Azul (Blue Economy project).

Álvaro Sardinha, founder and trainer of the initiative – who developed an operating system (SOuAZUL) with the goal of bringing people closer to the ocean, inspiring careers and blue companies -, explained to Jornal de Negócios the concept of blue economy (related to the ocean and the economy of the sea, which establishes a model for business innovation based on sustainable economic growth) and also referred to examples of entrepreneurship and initiatives that contribute to sustainable development.

Ericeira WSR+1o was highlighted by Álvaro as a contribution to the sustainable development of the coastal region

Ericeira WSR+10, an event commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Ericeira World Surfing Reserve (the only one in Europe and the second in the world) was featured as one of these examples, being a project that defends the blue economy in coastal regions, fostering sustainable communities and through sea sports and outdoor activities.

The economy of the sea is understood as a set of economic activities based on the ocean, which receives products from the ocean and which provides goods and services to it. The blue economy is defined as a sustainable maritime economy, at an economic, social and environmental level.

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