Ericeira featured in National Geographic


Photography: Pedro Mestre


Ericeira is featured in the September edition of National Geographic Traveller (UK).

In an article titled “Riding waves and scaling rocks around Ericeira and Sintra in Portugal”, the British version of the renowned magazine begins by stating that the town has become the primary reference for European surf culture, but that just a short distance from the beaches there are many other adventure opportunities waiting. And all within an hour’s drive from the capital, Lisbon.

the challenge is taken up to encourage visitors to explore the interior of the territory

The author, Amelia Duggan, had a surf lesson at Ribeira d’Ilhas with Francisco Romeiras, an instructor at the Ericeira Surf Clube, who spoke to her about the sculpture of the Guardian. This mention is used to emphasize the importance of Ericeira’s status as a World Surfing Reserve, awarded in 2011 by Save the Waves Coalition.

Topics such as the simplicity of the early days versus the commercialization of surfing or the tension within the community due to the increasing influx of travelers and digital nomads are addressed.

Tapada Mafra – ph. RR

The journalist spoke with some personalities, such as the owner of a local surf school or the head of the municipal tourism office – it’s Ana Vaz who takes up the challenge of encouraging visitors to explore the interior of the territory, to discover other options: from Sobreiro to Gradil and, of course, Mafra, it offers a plethora of activities.

And Sintra, for example, is also right next door…

The creation of this journalistic piece (which can be read in full here) received support from the Mafra City Council, TAP, Tourism of Lisbon and Tourism of Portugal.

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