Youth in motion at Sumol Summer Fest 2014


Photography: Mauro Mota


Skatepark, Dub Zone, hairstyling, tan tattoo. Sumol Summer Fest 2014 was more than a all-musical event: it was also happening that brought attractions and liveliness to Ericeira’s Summer festival. Both inside and outside of Ericeira’s Camping.

Let us begin with the interior: the Skatepark powered by Element was solely the most crowd gathering space when the music wasn’t playing in the main stage. And it wasn’t for less. The presence of skateriders Pedro Roseiro, Lawrence Aragão and Tiago Lopes was a guarantee of entertainment during the musical breaks from Sumol’s stage. These riders not only performed free rides, but also competed with each other at the half-pipe assembled for the event.

A few meters above the skatepark was our favourite place: the dub zone, which recreated the Jamaican soundsystems ambience through a roots dub music for the hard fans.

Outside of the festival’s premisses, the promoters of Sumol Summer Fest wages on surfing classes and beach cleaning along the coastal line of Ericeira.

Nonetheless, no party is a party without the audience and that was king in Ericeira’s fest. Moments and people that roamed through the village and which we now recall in 15 frames.



Sumol Summer Fest: #1-5; 12, 14

Mauro Mota: #6; 8-10; 13

Ericeira Surf & Skate: #7, 11

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