“World Surf Cities” exhibition in Ericeira


Photography: Mafra Municipality


The exhibition “World Surf Cities Network” can be seen at Ericeira until the end of October.

Introduced on July 19, this outdoor photo exhibition can be enjoyed at Dr. Eduardo Burnay Street (right in the center of the village)  and it will be up until October 31.

The World Surf Cities Network consists of urban areas where surfing, its culture and its related industry constitute a significant part of the city’s (or town’s) economy, recognized by its administration as a form of tourism promotion. The network aims to improve the positioning of member cities (or towns) as surf tourism destinations, contribute to the concept of enjoying the city (or town) through surf tourism, promote the creation of local businesses linked to the sport and define and implement local strategies for sector development.

This exhibition, which was part of the Portuguese Surf Film Festival program, aims to contribute to the promotion of the art of surfing and the Ericeira’s World Surfing Reserve.

In addition to Ericeira, the following destinations are part of this network: Arica (Chile); Durban (South Africa); Gold Coast, Queensland (Australia); Huanchaco (Peru); Lacanau (France); Las Palmas of Gran Canaria (Spain); Montañita (Ecuador); Newcastle (Australia); New Plymouth (Australia); Santos (Brazil); San Sebastian (Spain); Viana do Castelo (Portugal) and Viña del Mar, Chile.

These photo exhibitions in the main artery of Ericeira, which began in 2014 with the exhibition dedicated to our World Surfing Reserve (held by AZUL in partnership with the Municipality of Mafra, the Ericeira Parish Council and JC Decaux), are becoming a new tradition of Ericeira’s Summer, daily attracting the eyes of locals and visitors, whether Portuguese or foreign.

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