Video of the Week #25


At every dawn, there’s something new to discover at the cliffs on Ericeira’s coast line. The waves are never the same, every single one is shaped differently from the others. As such, there are no repetitive experiences on the sea: there’s always the slightest detail that is changed, and so when we ride the waves, we never do it in the same manner.

This is true not only for the most experienced surfers but also to the beginners as well, which now first-handedly discover the many sensations brought by sliding among the waves. The video from the 3 Ondas Surf School, produced by Michael Giehmann, is the proof that the learning process of surfing is not limited to the initial paddles in the sand and some embarrassing wipeouts.

It all starts at dawn, with the expectations on what the ocean will bring us, and rolls through the day with the sharing of water-bound experiences, trading thoughts, gestures and knowledge on what did the sea and Ericeira tell us today.

Watch this and other videos on Ericeira Channels: #531631 and #280074 on Meo Kanal.

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