Video of the Week #58


Not everything about surf is rideable on top of waves. That’s the case of kitesurfing, a sport that has been growing throughout the Portuguese coastal line in the last few years. And it’s not by a mere chance: Portugal is a country ridden by winds, special coming from northern sides, which makes this European corner one of the best to practice kitesurfing. If we bond that to the number and versatility of waves of the Portuguese shores, then we are facing a true El Dorado for the aerial surfing.

This week’s video, amazingly edited by Best Kiteboarding, showcases some of the spectacular action that this sport provides in Portuguese waves. In the same line, it also shows footage of a shaper making surfboards specially for kitesurfing. The images also present some breathtaking visuals of Ericeira’s village and its fishermen.

Watch this and other videos on Ericeira Channels: #531631 and #280074 on Meo Kanal.

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