Video of the Week #57


A couple of weekends ago, we shared a tribute to Coxos rights, which were absolutely amazing during October. So today we return to Baía dos Dois Irmãos only to highlight Coxos’ sister wave: Crazy Left.

Crazy Left rolls on just few metres from the right and is in-between the bay and the Cave. The spot has lived better days, years ago, when it was regularly visited by dozens of bodyboarders and surfers everyday. However, other waves came about and took away the left’s spotlight.

Nonetheless, Crazy Left is able to impress the wave riders with its roundish barrels and long, riding walls. That’s exactly what happened during that frenetic week in which Kelly Slater surfed Cave and Ribeira d’Ilhas welcomed the World Junior Championships.

Filipe Jervis, João Guedes, Tomás Valente e Pedro Boonman were some of the brave riders that surfed Crazy Left during the time, enjoying its shades when everybody else was cramming other spots in the village. A privilege lived only by a few lucky boys.

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