Video of the Week #56


Photograph: DR


Tiago Pires is the best Portuguese surfer of all-time. We are talking about an Ericeira’s athlete who won the European Junior Champioship in 1999; reached a Vice-Champion of the World Junior and Rookie of the Year by Vans Triple Crown in 2000; and has been running the elite tour since 2008. A singular curriculum in Portugal’s surfing records.

At a time when the ASP’s 2014 World Tour is about to end, ‘Saca’ is ranked 28. So he needs a very good result in the last stage of the year – the Billabong Pipe Masters, running from 8 to 20 of December in Hawaii – so he can remain among the elite 24 next season.

It is the do or die for the Portuguese and all the support he can get is welcomed. Hence, this week’s video is like a tribute and a motivational mantra for Tiago Pires. The grey, dense and astonishing cut by Go.S-TV reflects very handsomely the highs and lows of ‘Saca’s last year. But it also showcases his unique, powerful surf. With series of barrels and slow-motions, the footage offers a detailed frame of the talent of the surfer who chose Ericeira as his home.

Watch this and other videos on Ericeira Channels: #531631 and #280074 on Meo Kanal.

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