Video of the Week #39


It’s been a Summer of scarce waves for us to enjoy in Ericeira, which doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not welcoming for the learners at surfing schools. The village is well populated of foreigners and visitors and they all have been taking the best out of Ericeira.

But not everything is surf and there are days when what we really want is to relax in a heavenly sea while the Sun pumps us with vitamin D and the skin colour we so much perceive. So, for this week’s video, we took a yoga class on the beach with Activity Surf Center.

Yoga is growing around in the region’s tourism because of its physical and spiritual side connected to the art and pleasure of dropping some wave. After all, it’s nature and the human being in a perfect bond.

There are no wave, but there are plenty of alternatives to surfing. In Ericeira there’s always something connecting us to the sea and our inner selves.

Watch this and other videos on Ericeira Channels: #531631 an #280074 on Meo Kanal.

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