Video of the Week #37


Drones’ trend is evolving and it’s not rare to find around the Internet aerial images from several places and events around the globe. Here in Ericeira we dare saying we are the best explorers of the potentialities of the XXI century gadgets. Revisiting AZUL’s video of the week archive we found footage captured from the skies of S. Sebastião, praia dos Pescadores and Foz do Lizandro.

Today we return to Ericeira’s aerial space and travel through the coastal line of praia do Sul. The footage was gathered after the storms that hit the village in the past Winter and portraits the splendid sands of Ericeira’s most appreciated beach. It’s clean, greenish sea, it’s rock bottoms painted with algae and Ericeira’s unique light.

It’s a vision to cut your breath and to save the contemporary memory of Ericeira’s coastline.

Watch this and other videos on Ericeira Channels: #531631 an #280074 on Meo Kanal.