Video of the week #252


Photography: Mafra Municipality


In February, Terreiro D. João V was the stage of a historic moment once again. Thousands of people did not want to fail to witness the restoration of Mafra’s Royal Palace carillons, which constitute the largest bell tower of the eighteenth century in the world.

The program of the inaugural concert (from which you can glimpse some excerpts from the 1st part – in which the presentation of the bells and the concert took place) was part of the National Anthem played by the local chime player Francisco Gato, the premiere of the play “Requiescat in pace Bizarro ”, performed by the Sineiros Levache Group, and also “As Quatro Estações”, performed in four hands by the Portuguese Abel Chaves and the Belgian Liesbeth Janssens.

A novel sound and a unique show, on one of the days when the village of Mafra has certainly welcomed more visitors simultaneously!

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