Video of the Week #223


Photography: Mafra Municipality


After highlighting the main reactions to the recent submission of the Royal Building of Mafra to UNESCO World Heritage List and having embarked on a journey through the history of this unique set of Palace, Basilica, Convent, Cerco’s Garden and Tapada, the time has come to publish a video that serves as an excellent postcard of this unique and exceptional symbol.

As Hélder Sousa Silva, Mayor of Mafra said, shortly after obtaining this new statute, “there is a Mafra before the registration and there will be a Mafra after the registration”, being in our hands this construction, which should go through three essential stages: promotion (of the Royal Building, the destination and the municipality); sustainability (mainly environmental, regarding the Tapada) and requalification of this heritage, not only of the Palace but of all its surroundings.

We are called upon as a community to help design this new future, which has everything to be a happy one.

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