Video of the week #142


Photography: Smart Tours Mafra


In order to celebrate the 300th anniversary of Mafra National Palace, the last year throughout, an extensive program of festivities has been taking place, including exhibitions, guided tours, concerts, multimedia shows and many other cultural initiatives.

The celebrations will end tomorrow, November 17, so we take the opportunity to dig up a video in which José Hermano Saraiva (a Portuguese historian and exceptional communicator) shares lesser known facets and stories of the monument.

In 1998, in “Horizontes da Memória”, a former TV show, the professor hosted a visit through the history of this Baroque Palace-Convent that comprehends a basilica, a royal palace, a garden, a tapada (a protected forest) and a monastic hospital, where there are rare literary works and where unique six-organ concerts happen often.

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