Video of the week #139


Photography: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Art Library


In order to get to know Ericeira these days, it’s necessary to delve into its historical roots, in its distant and recent past.

Even to understand the current tourism strength, it becomes important to know that this is an activity with tradition in the homeland of urchins. It was not a coincidence that José Hermano Saraiva, a famous Portuguese historian, stated that “Ericeira has no bathers, it has devotees”.

This Video of the Week shows an old Ericeira in a production by the former Tourist Board to promote the village in 1962: the fishermen’s arts meet leisure, when waves were caught in pool floats and during a night out the best piece of clothing was dressed to impress. The landscapes (both cultural and natural) have changed a lot since then, but much of its charm remains to this very day.