Time to Wake Up (part #1)

Oceano Atlântico. - ph. Peter E. Lee


Text: Monica Garau | Photography: Peter E. Lee


The first wave breaks on the cliffs.

The second one is louder and i hear it clearly when it hits the rocks. The third reminds me where i am. The forth wave is stronger, it must be the biggest of the set, i hear its power an i wonder its shape and height. It swells ans beats until it submerges the reef. The fifth wave is sweeter, the set must have come to an end. And i finally awake.

I turn in my bed, a fresh wind blows and enters from the windows, it caresses my naked, still, warm body. Slowly i take consciousness of every muscles, my skin, my disordered curly hair on the face, the feet and hands. All my body enlivens, beats and ripples like it would be a wave itself.

I smile even before to open my eyes because i know already what i am going to see. My windows offer a unique privileged view on a small bay, on the reef and on the vastness of the Atlantic ocean. I am grateful by now for this new day and i finally open my eyes.

i’m excited to live every moment of this new day

Everything is at its usual place and like every morning everything is perfect. The blue and ruby of the water, the warm colors of the oceanic nature, the intense brown and barn red of the cliffs and the many shades of green of the spontaneous vegetation. I look up and the waning midsummer moon is still shining big and golden in the sky of watercolor azure and orange, it’s clear like just at dawn it is.

It must be about 6 and i recognize the long distance song of a morning bird, the sweet whispering of the wind through the canes while my body is still relaxed on the bed. But inside i’m excited to live every moment of this new day, like the sun can’t wait to replace the moon and shine up in the sky.

This place is magical, i feel like i found a treasure in this ocean that is life and i’m living this now, here, completely. Every sunrise is a new start, new possibilities are waiting for me and i decide to live them deeply.

I stand up from the bed and i make my dreams come true.



Monica Garau
Portugal, Summer 2018
To contact please use the email garaumoni@gmail.com


The second part of this poetic short story will be published next week. Don’t miss it!