Tiago Pires on the Encyclopedia Of Surfing


The informative entries on an encyclopedia are reserved to the events that change the usual course of life. There are present the historical facts that transform the world and the societies and figures that take part in such changes illustrating the moments that define an era. Regarding the surfing world, Tiago Pires is already a known face: he’s the best portuguese surfer of all-time and a regular presence among the world’s top athletes. That’s why the Ericeira surfer finally has his own timeless record on the Encyclopedia of Surfing presented by Surfer.

Tiago Pires’ profile (which can be seen here) is focused exactly on the title that, so far, is unique to him: that of the most influent surfer of the portuguese coastline. Even if someone eventually dethrones his achievements, ‘Saca’ will go down on history as the first national athlete to be a part of the surfing’s main elite for several seasons and as the main ambassador of portuguese surfing abroad.

The encyclopedia mentions that Tiago Pires was the national junior champion in 1994 and 1995, european champion in 1999 and the Triple Crown of Surfing Rookie of the Year on 2000. Eight years later, the Ericeira athlete would achieve the highest point in his career: the promotion to the first division of the ASP World Circuit, from which he would never descend from thus far. In 2010, ‘Saca’ reached his highest position ever, landing the 21st spot on the world ranking. With a power surfing made for sculpted waves, the Portuguese Tiger was described by the multiple world champion Kelly Slater as a “fantastic barrel navigator”

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