“There is a rebellious Ericeira”


Text and photography: Sónia Nunes


There is a rebellious Ericeira,
with wind-swept hair…

which looks straight ahead and without fear at the horizon,
bold, firm and brave,

fearless and challenging

which ventures and goes forward.

Whose modern life goes hand in hand
with the memory of the village… with its traditions.

Which creates and accompanies new realities…
in a process of permanent and happy renewal.

Today there are less seamen, less fishermen
And more people looking for adrenaline, waves,
nature, history and peace.

This village does not grow old,
on the contrary, it keeps rejuvenating.

It is central, attractive and magnetic.

With an easy way of life,
creative, unpretentious, determined and full of vitality.

With a vibrant energy… that can be felt,
that passes us hastily and joyfully.

Whose fresh and marine aroma is permanent.

It inebriates… raising a passionate taste for life.

Forever young, Ericeira, contradicts the law of life,
Showing a clear and admirable similarity
with human life

proving that soul does not age.

Those who cling fast to life, with courage and joy,
who fall in love with life and all its wonders,
who savour every look, every breath…

… know that they generate a current
of vital energy in constant renewal.

This is Ericeira.

A wonderful urban cluster, full of life and tradition.
Pulsing healthily to the rhythm of the present.

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