The final walk to bodyboarding’s national title began in Ericeira


Photograph: DR


The newest Portuguese bodyboarding champions have been unveiled: Manuel Centeno (Open) and Joana Schenker (Women) were the strongest throughout the season and are now the top ranks of the Bodyboard Pro Tour.

The last stage was held in praia do Norte, Nazaré, on Friday. It was the second of the Prime events of the circuit, which decided the champions among the best riders in the country.

One of those Prime stages was actually held in praia da Empa, Ericeira, around October. It was the return of Ericeira to the grand finals of national bodyboarding, reuniting in its beaches Portugal’s most renowned bodyboarders.

Ericeira’s competition entered the history books of the sport in Portugal because it crowned the first ever dropknee national champion. Tiago Pimentão, rider of Ericeira Surf Clube, was the king of the category and took the trophy back home.

Today we recall the best moments of Empa’s championship as we already look forward to next season’s action.

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