Swimming athlete films documentary in Ericeira


Photography: David Fonseca


Miguel Roldão Santos, a semi-professional swimming athlete, is shooting a documentary at Ericeira.

This 36-year-old swimmer keeps a relationship with the village, where he took his first dives: “I started when I was 3 or 4 years old to take the first dives on the beaches of Ericeira, more specifically Praia do Sul and Praia dos Pescadores, sometimes in Ribeira D’ilhas”, recently revealed in an interview with the online swimming newspaper Chlorus.

While training in the Ericeira sea, he has been making a documentary (we present an excerpt here) with his friend and videographer David Fonseca



This swimmer from Grupo dos Amigos da Natação (Friends of Swimming Group) (GAN), within the scope of his master career, has already become runner-up in step B, in the distance of 3 km, in the National Open Water Championship disputed in the Azores.

Having water as a natural habitat – he also practices surfing –, Ericeira (where his grandparents met) became a second family home and where he is whenever he has the time.

Because he loves Ericeira and open water swimming, the physical education teacher decided to shoot this short documentary (which will take between 5 and 10 minutes in length) in order to promote nautical activities.

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