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Daniel Geron The Wave. - ph. AZUL


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“I want to be a great surfer”, announces Martha Styren, 29, in a bright July morning. Praia do Sul is the background as Martha is having her breakfast with two friends whom also came from Dusseldorf, Germany, to live Ericeira. This is her second time in the village to enjoy the Europe’s best waves in the World Surfing Reserve.

Martha and company are lodged in The Wave hostal, a neat accommodation with direct view for the Atlantic born in May 2013 and a capacity for 15 people. Here the day started early with a meal including cereals, bread with regional jam, coffee and natural juice. Next there will be a yoga or surfing class or just a day on the beach. The previous day, the group took the chance to visit the village center to relive the typical ambience of Ericeira. “It’s a ver beautiful place where we can walk-around and see lots of restaurants and typical stores”, describes Zoe Karastogianni, 39, the only of the three girls who never visited Ericeira. “It’s all very organised and tourist oriented.”

The Germans arrived three days ago. They settled their baggages in the hostel and left to go around and discover the hidden corners and beaches of Ericeira while guided by Maren Lantermann, 29, who’s in the village for the fifth time. “It’s a calm place with a great blend of people and familis. I love the blue and white colours, their are just so soothing”, says the also professor. At this point they have already vibrated with Ericeira’s nightlife, wandering through bars and restaurants and taking the most out of the local tradicional parties that crowd the village’s streets.

However, they’ve all been attracted to Ericeira for the same reason as the majority of the foreign visitors that came all-year around: the surfing. “Basically I’m here because of the surfing”, says Maren, an Occupational Therapy student, summarising the whole group’s spirit. “I’m still not sure if I like surfing [laughs], but it is something that I really want to learn because I love the sea”, confesses Martha, who also works in the social context field.

The conversation flows drowsily. The rhythm is just appropriate because they just woke up. Besides, last night was of party: Germany won against Brasil in the World Cup of football, so the happiness within the German girls is shown in their typical German faces, with blonde hair and bright eyes.

Martha Styren e Zoe Karastogianni. - ph. AZUL

Martha Styren (left) and Zoe Karastogianni (right).

Daniel Geron The Wave. - ph. AZUL

Daniel Geron.

Indifferent to all the football fuss is Daniel Geron, 29, originally from Dafna, northern Israel. What he really cares about is the surfing. “It’s an amazing sport, I love its culture”, he says. “Those who surf are pretty much happy and share good vibes. It’s an activity where it’s only me and the sea”, underlines the Sociocultural Animation student.

Geron first experienced surfing a couple of years ago in New Zealand. While visiting the country, he ended up subdued by the vibrant surfing culture of the place. And once on top of a board, he never left it again. This year he promised to himself he would do a surftrip and he chose Ericeira as the destiny. Because of the waves, the landscapes (he saw some photos online) and the people. “The Portuguese people are very similar to the Israeli because they have warm blood. They like to party, to dance, and I love that. They are always happy”, he concludes.

In an early morning a couple of days after our breakfast, I met again this foreign visitors. The objective is to follow them in their surfing class and to peek on how they live the sport and this growing touristic activity in Ericeira. Only Daniel Geron was up – the girls are exhausted from the surfing lesson of the previous day in Matadouro, so they preferred to stay put. At 8.20am arrives the Action Waves van, one of the schools with whom The Wave has a partnership. Geron, still a bit sleepy, hops on and goes with the crew to S. Julião.

At the beach they totalise four people for this morning’s class. It’s Action Waves’ policy to have small classes so that everyone can take the maximum out of the lessons and sea experiences. The class begins with a warmup, follow by a jump into the waves so they can practice the art of gliding the waves. With a friendly and relaxed environment, where the most important element is to apprehend the pleasure of surfing, Daniel Geron couldn’t be more motivated. An revolving sentiment among all the foreigners that taste the waves and surfing of Ericeira. “I’m ready. I’m still a bit tired from yesterday, but the cold water will put me back on my feet. I really want to surf!”

Action Waves The Wave. - ph. AZUL

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